A writer and artist dedicated to multiple genres, Meg Pontecorvo earned an MFA in Poetry Writing from Washington University in St. Louis and is a 2010 graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop. Meg has published a novelette, Grounded, in Asimov's, and her artwork in collage and pen has been featured in experimental video performances in the Bay Area. A native of Philadelphia, she grew up in the Midwest and now shares a small apartment with her partner and cats in San Francisco, where she cooks in a tech free kitchen.


novella "Murder In The Generative Kitchen" - World Weaver Press

A reading from MURDER IN THE GENERATIVE KITCHEN will happen next Sunday February 19th at Borderlands SciFI Book Store in San Francisco...

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Oct 6th Come Celebrate the Launch of 
Murder In The Generative Kitchen
with a Music/Spoken Word performance 
by Meg Pontecorvo, Cartoon Justice and more
at Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland, Ca.

short story "Grounded"

in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine
Oct/Nov 2013 issue

Writing - speculative fiction.
Visual Art - ink, mixed media. collage, painting,
collaborative media...